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    Dyson Meets Wasp

    Tonight a pain in the ass wasp chased me (I’ll admit it) into my house, it made it past my screen door due to a less stellar than usual door closing by myself.  It got its sting in, but wasn’t able to find its way out the open door. I had just finished vacuuming.  What else would I do? Vengeance.

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    New Dyson DC17 Full Kit Review

    Last week I picked up the Dyson DC17 “Full Kit” from Costco.  We just got a new black lab, that doesn’t quite go with our cream colored carpets.  The Dyson is a bit of a cult object, with everyone I know who has one telling me that it is totally life altering. I did a bit of a test, I ran my Dirt Devil across the house first and then did the Dyson afterwards. I ended up getting the Dyson after I had a hard time finding new bags for the Dirt Devil, so it was nearly full. The Dyson was totally amazing for it’s suction. The wand that comes…